SMS Broadcast is super easy with
BluOcean Bulk SMS Broadcast System!

BluOcean Mass SMS Broadcast System is a complete Bulk SMS marketing solution with both SMS software and SMS modem included. All you need is to place any SIM card into the SMS hardware for instant SMS Messaging or SMS Marketing. Yes, that will mean you can use any local SIM card, overseas SIM cards, prepaid SIM cards, post paid SIM cards etc.

Operating system requirement :
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10

Note: If you are Mac or Linux users, you can also use BluOcean SMS software with installation of compatible Windows Mac or Windows Linux solution where some of such tools can be FREE or at a nominal fee. Examples of compatible solution: WineHQ(FREE), CrossOverVMwareParallels

Min. Screen Resolution Requirement : 1024 x 768

You only need to easily install 3 things to jumpstart your SMS marketing / broadcasting!

1. Install Software Dongle Key

SMS software dongle

This blue color USB dongle key looks like a thumb drive is actually BluOcean Mass SMS Software license key. This means that whichever computer has inserted this dongle key will be able to execute Mass SMS sending / receiving.

2. Install BluOcean SMS Software

Bulk SMS software

(A) UNLIMITED Computers Installation 

    • You will be given the installation CD which allows you to install on as many computers as you want. At any 1 time, only 1 of your computer (the one inserted with SMS dongle key) can execute the actual SMS blasting/receiving, while the rest of installed computers have continuously access to all other features which allow continuous creating/editing/deleing of create contact list, templates, schedulers etc.

(B) Server Installation – Ok With BluOcean 

    • Yes, clients do install the BluOcean Mass SMS Software on their servers and find it work out well too. Remote passwords are normally created for their staff so that they can access BluOcean Mass SMS Software which is installed at the server.
    • BluOcean originally designed its Mass SMS Software to work on personal computers and hence most confident of its performance on personal computers, but have no objection should you prefer to install on server and share it.

(C) Multiple Modems (Hardware) Supported

    • The Mass SMS Software can support 3G modem, 4G modem and up to 8 hardware GSM/GPRS modems concurrently.
    • This means that if you need to double (2 times faster), triple (3 times faster), or make it 8 times faster, you only need to add additional hardware now or in the future.
    • This multiple modem supported feature is built taking into consideration of your SMS marketing expansion needs. When you need to further increase the speed as you expands, you only need to add hardware and not software, helping you to save more money.

3. Install GSM/GPRS modem driver

    • The USB 3G/ 4G Modem included is ideal for long-lasting SMS broadcast.
    • The modem is like a palm size (98x54x25mm) device, and lightly weighed at about only 100 gram.
    • The estimated SMS sending speed for is about 800~1000 SMS an hour for the USB 3G / 4G modem included. Actual SMS sending speed will depend on respective telecom network (eg: during festive seasons where network is busy, the SMS sending speed can be slow). Below list is for your reference showing sending speed for the modem :
1 Modem
2 Modems
3 Modems
8 Modems
800~ 1000 SMS / hour1600~2000 SMS / hour2400~3000 SMS / hour6400~8000 SMS / hour

Estimated SMS Sending Speed Per Hour
(Based on 1 SMS text length
i.e. 160 English characters or 70 Unicode characters)

BluOcean will recommend that you start off with the standard Mass SMS System because you may find out that the 1 hardware included may already meet your current requirement.