SMS Marketing

What is SMS?

SMS is the Short Message Service, provided on GSM mobile phones. It allows the sending of short text messages from any GSM mobile phone to any other GSM mobile phone.

What is an effective marketing?

Effective marketing makes a communication about a product or service a purpose of which is to encourage recipients of the communication to purchase or use the product or service from you instead of your competitors. Are you communicating to your clients faster and better than your competitors? Will you want your customers to response to you faster, and buy from you faster? Will you want to have a system to help you in doing this?

What is the upcoming marketing trend?

Interactive marketing is the upcoming trend. The opportunity to attract large numbers customers fast . Not just a one way marketing communication, but rather a two way interactive communication. The ability to analyze customers’ preferences, target future marketing, and generate continued interest among customers to buy from you again and again. To gauge what is the upcoming marketing trend, one may look at what are the large and successful companies invest in as their marketing supporting tool – SMS Marketing Platform.

Why SMS as the upcoming marketing tool?

The upcoming marketing tool needs to meet 2 fundamentals – interaction and speed. To communicate/reach/attract large numbers of customers in shortest time i.e. fast. Compared to conventional marketing tool, SMS most aptly met these 2 fundamentals. Imagine at a click of button, your marketing message is delivered directly onto the hands of your hundreds or thousands of targeted customers. It is fast, efficient, and targeted.

General Questions on SMS Standalone System

Will I need a SMS Marketing System if I don’t have many customers?

If you don’t have many customers, then the more you will need a SMS system to help you to attract more customers effectively at a low cost. Quoting Janice Hughes of Share Guide Publisher, Experts agree that marketing isn’t something you can afford to give up when you are experiencing lean times. Many people make the mistake of cutting back on marketing at the very time when they most need it. If business is down, you need to do more than just pray that it will pick back up. In other words, you can’t afford not to market your business. One of many examples how SMS Marketing could help to generate greater sales, would be through a simple act of setting up an advertisement banner, and having the potential customers to response to you automatically via sms. Results have shown that this simple act could attract large numbers of new customers, as seem by big organizations undertaking this same marketing strategy. Today, it is not just an era where one competes on whose products and services is better, but also, competing on who has the ability reach the customers at a faster speed, and who has a better relationship with the customers. Will you want to connect and build a closely knit relationship with your customers? Will you want to expand your business and friendship network faster? If yes, then you would need a system to help you to tap on this upcoming marketing trend to attract new customers.

What are the Unique Selling Points of BluOcean Bulk SMS System?

•  System consists of feature that allows each sms recipient to be addressed by their preferred name to add a personal touch to each sms received.
•  No internet connection required
•  No need to go through server
•  No monthly subscription
•  Scheduler
•  Contact List Management
•  Auto Responder
•  Can Reply and Receive Unlimited SMS
•  Can be used at oversea
•  Can Import/Export Contact List and SMS Reply
•  Send SMS using Lowest Rate of SMS (1 cents*) 

What equipments do I need to run a BluOcean Bulk SMS System?

You only need 3 simple tools – A computer, GSM/GPRS modem (SIM card required) , and BluOcean SMS Software.

What is the difference between using BluOcean Bulk SMS System to send SMS compared to using a mobile phone?

If you were to send sms to few recipients, it is easy to manage the responses. However, if you were to send sms to hundreds or thousands of customers, your mobile phone may not be able to support the responses received from this large numbers of recipients. If you want to analyze your customers, you would need a system to help you to manage this information effectively with BluOcean Bulk SMS System.

Will my customer database need to go through your server?

No, as our system does not require your database to go through our server before sending out the smses, you can be assured that your customer information will remain in your custody.

Do I need to have internet connection before I can operate BluOcean Bulk SMS System?

No, internet connection is not required for operating our system. Hence, you can use it anywhere regardless if there is internet connectivity or not, as long as the area is covered by GSM network.

Do I need SIM card to operate the Bulk SMS system?

Yes, you will need a SIM to operate the Bulk SMS system as the smses have to go through respective telecom service provider network before it can be sent out or received.

Do I need to buy a new SIM card for using BluOcean Bulk SMS System?

No, you don’t have to buy a new SIM card. You can use your current SIM to run the BluOcean Bulk SMS System. However, you may choose to purchase another SIM if you wish to maintain a separate numbers for SMS usage.

How much do I need to pay for each sms?

It depends on which telecom provider that you use. Generally, it is FREE if your sms usage is within your package allotment eg: some may have FREE 500, FREE 900, and FREE1500 smses. For each sms that is sent beyond the package allotment of free sms, each sms is generally charged at $0.05 in Singapore .

Where can I get the cheapest SMS / FREE SMS package?

As the mobile market is highly competitive, each service provider may change their package deal regularly. Hence, the cheapest sms package may differ from time to time. Please consult our SMS Marketing Consultant for the latest cheapest SMS / FREE SMS package available in the market.

If I am in another country, can I use that country SIM card to run the System?

Yes, you can place the respective country SIM card into the modem to run the BluOcean SMS System if you choose to do so, as long as the country is covered by GSM network.

Do I need to pay a monthly subscription or a yearly renewal fee for BluOcean SMS Marketing System?

No, you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription or a yearly renewal fee. It is a one time purchase.

How do I make payment for the purchase?

For telegraphic transfer (TT) , please pay to

Bank Name : United Overseas Bank, Singapore

Swift code : UOVBSGSG

Account Name : BluOcean Technology Pte Ltd

Account No : 369 301 3885

For cheque payment, please issue cheque to “BluOcean Technology Pte Ltd

For payment via paypal or credit card, please contact us for the instructions.

Questions on Mass SMS Software

How many types of SMS software do BluOcean has?

BluOcean currently has 2 types of SMS software versions – Professional and Premium. Standard SMS Broadcast functions are available for all 2 editions. Premium Edition comprises of enhanced features such as scheduler and organizer allowing pre-setting of smses now for future date auto sending. On top of that, it comes with Automated Response System. Prices for SMS Marketing software is highly affordable. The prices are available at here.

Do I need to key all contacts individually into the BluOcean SMS System?

If you have your current customers’ information in Excel worksheet, you may import it directly into the SMS system, instead of keying it directly into the system.

Can I group my contacts according to my SMS marketing requirement?

Yes, you can group your contacts into different categories. As such, you can send sms to targeted clientele at a click of button. You can also analyze your customers eg: buying habits, interest, and etc. This allows you to implement stronger and more effective marketing strategy for your targeted clients accordingly. This will help you to save time, and save money.

Can I export the information from BluOcean SMS System to Excel?

Yes, you can export the contact list and sms delivery information to Excel.

How many sms can I send, receive, and store using BluOcean SMS Software?

Unlimited sms sending, receiving, and storage space depending on your PC hard disk space.

How long will it take for sms to be sent out using BluOcean SMS Software?

It depends on the mobile network. It may take less than 5 seconds to hours like in the period of festive season period.

How many characters can each sms contains?

The characters that each sms can contain are the same as current standard i.e. 160 characters for English wordings and 70 characters for each Unicode (eg: Chinese). For characters exceeding the standard limit, the system will split the messages into two or more smses automatically. The sms recipients may receive 1 single sms or several smses depending on their mobile phone models

What languages can I use to type the sms?

The system supports English and all other languages e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc.

What languages of sms can I receive?

The system supports English and all other languages e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc..

Will I be known the types of smses that I have sent out?

Yes, you can view the sending record to obtain this information. In addition, you can export the records to Excel for further analysis.

Is there a record to show successfully sent and failed sms?

Yes, you can view the successfully and unsuccessfully sent sms records to obtain this information.

Will I know who have responded to my smses?

Yes, you can view the received sms record to obtain this information. In addition, you will hear a sound notifying you of new message received.

Mass SMS Hardware (GSM/GPRS Modem)

What are GSM and GPRS?

GSM’ stands for Global System for Mobile Communications’, one of the leading digital cellular systems. GSM uses narrowband TDMA, which allows eight simultaneous calls on the same radio frequency. It is the de facto standard in Europe and Asia.

GPRS’ stands for General Packet Radio Service’, a standard for wireless communications which runs at speeds up to 115 kilobits per second, compared with current GSM systems at about 9.6 kilobits. GPRS, which supports a wide range of bandwidths, is an efficient use of limited bandwidth and is particularly suited for sending and receiving small bursts of data, such as e-mail and Web browsing, as well as large volumes of data.

What is a GSM modem?

A GSM modem is an external modem device, connecting to a computer through a serial cable or a USB cable. It is a wireless modem that works with a GSM wireless network. Like a GSM mobile phone, a GSM modem requires a SIM card from a wireless carrier in order to operate. GSM modem is recommended for use with a computer to send and receive messages. This is because some mobile phones have certain limitations comparing to GSM modems.

What is the difference between BluOcean GSM modem and other GSM modems?

BluOcean uses Wavecom Technology from France in our range of GSM modems. The GSM modems have strong stability, and long durability. It is lightly weighted, and very easy to use i.e. simply plug and play. BluOcean range of GSM modems is one of the most competitively priced modems in the market, with highest quality at a highly affordable price. We have wider varieties of GSM modems to meet different needs and requirements.

How many types of GSM/GPRS modems do BluOcean has?

BluOcean has 4 types of GSM modems. Please click here for more details.

Is the product covered by any warranty?

Yes, the products is warranted against design and manufacturing faults for a period of 12 months from the date of registered purchase order.

After Sales Support

Is there any technical support after the purchase?

Yes, 1 st year technical email support will be provided absolutely FREE from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 6.00pm .

Can I request for on-site technical support?

Yes, it will be held on weekday (Monday to Friday) between 9.00am to 6.00pm and a nominal fee may be charged.

How do I contact BluOcean technical team if I need some assistance?

You can fill up the below “Contact Form” and submit it to us. Alternatively you can call us at (+65) 64 3883 64.